DODOW Sleep Stimulator
  • DODOW Sleep Stimulator
  • DODOW Sleep Stimulator
  • DODOW Sleep Stimulator
  • DODOW Sleep Stimulator
  • DODOW Sleep Stimulator

DODOW Sleep Stimulator

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For a quick and easy fall asleep! From 6 years old.

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Dodow is a small device that you place on your bedside table. He will project circles of light on the ceiling, which the child can follow with his breaths. After 8 minutes, the child (or adult) will be ready to fall asleep easily.

Usage tips :

Place Dodow within easy reach. Touch the touch surface once for 8 minute mode and twice for 20 minute mode. The device projects a halo of blue light * on the ceiling. Open your eyes and watch the luminous halo. Synchronize without forcing your breathing with the light: inhale when it expands and exhale when it retracts.

* Dodow's blue halo (brightness <1 lux) allows you to relax without inhibiting melatonin secretion, unlike a smartphone / tablet screen (up to 640 lux).

Slow down your metabolism

By synchronizing your abdominal breathing on the light pulse, Dodow gradually takes you at a rate of 11 to 6 breaths per minute. Very slow breathing at the heart rate coherence greatly slows down your metabolism.

Reduce your thought flow

At the same time, focusing on the pulsation of the halo has a hypnotic effect. You will then occupy your brain with more relaxing activity than the thoughts that kept you awake.

Find sleep

At the end of the exercise (8 or 20 minutes) Dodow will turn off on its own. You will then be in the ideal conditions to fall asleep naturally, in the position of your choice.

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