Baby oil from Baobab Pilani
  • Baby oil from Baobab Pilani
  • Baby oil from Baobab Pilani
  • Baby oil from Baobab Pilani
  • Baby oil from Baobab Pilani

Baby oil from Baobab Pilani

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The baobab is a symbol of Africa and is one of the oldest trees on our planet.

According to tradition, it is also called the "tree of life" because it provides protection to the people and animals living in the savanna, provides food and keeps them in good health.

Baobab tree Pilani natural products

Adansonia Digitata (African Baobab)

PILANI baobab oil is cold pressed from the seeds of baobab fruit, preserving its richness in essential minerals and nutrients. The oil is of the highest quality and contains natural antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients that firm, moisturize and nourish the skin.

PILANI Baobab oil is of very fine texture. It is quickly absorbed by the skin giving it a light silky glow. It facilitates the tired body during the massage, nourishes and moisturizes intensively, improves the elasticity of the skin and counteracts the aging of the skin. It strengthens and protects dry hair and gives it shine.


Ideal for body and scalp massage.

Apply in small quantities to the skin and massage in.

For facial use: Apply to face and neck and massage gently while avoiding eye contours.

For hair application: Apply to the scalp before shampooing in small quantities and massage in.

Apply in small quantities directly on dry hair.


PILANI Baobab oil is an excellent carrier oil for essential oils.

Dilute a few drops of your essential oil in baobab oil for use in aromatherapy (for external use only)


Ideal storage is at room temperature 15-25 ° C.

At lower temperatures, baobab oil can easily solidify and form "white clouds". At higher temperatures, these dissolve again. However, it is not recommended to store the product below 15 ° C.

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